Signup/Login via Metamask

  • Step 1: Download the Metamask application from the play store on your Android device

  • Step 2: Launch the application, you will now have options to:

    • Create A New Wallet

    • Import Using Seed Phrase (Done by scanning a QR code or providing private keys)

    • Sync With MetaMask Extension (Sync the MetaMask extension in your web browser to the MetaMask app on your phone by following these steps)

      • Open the extension on desktop

      • Go to Settings -> Advanced

      • Click on Sync with Mobile

      • Scan the QR code to start syncing

  • Step 3: Once you have created, imported, or synced your wallet you can now go and change the network from the MetaMask app

  • Step 5: When you check the log-in via the MetaMask option you will have to enter your:

    • First Name (optional)

    • Last Name (optional)

    • Username

    • Email (optional)

After which you will be able to continue in the game.

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