Garage V1.1.0

Garage Release with minor feature additions

  1. Car Parts More car parts added in the shop these included:

    1. Engines

    2. Spoilers

  2. Driver components More driver components added:

    1. Helmets

    2. Gloves

  3. Garage Customization For the Garage theme and specific interactable areas and assets. They could be changed and replaced with different assets. These are:

    1. Garage Theme

    2. Computer Monitor

    3. Car pod

    4. Sofa Set

    5. Robot Hut

    6. Award Shelf

    7. Loot box

    8. Work bench

  4. Interactable big screen A bigger screen in the garage was made functional. It can now display:

    1. Player rank and levels

    2. Garage Ads

    3. Inbox

  5. Notifications In game notifications for loot box claiming and daily rewards claim reminder.

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