Arcade V2.0.6

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Change Log

  1. Blueprints Now, gamers can unlock and acquire exclusive blueprints as event or race prizes within the game! By gathering these highly sought-after blueprints, players can access the browser based claims portal and mint their valuable assets upon meeting the necessary requirements.

  2. Weekly Tournaments Introducing our action-packed Weekly Elite Tournaments, where the crรจme de la crรจme of daily event champions can face off for the chance to win extraordinary rewards! This exhilarating showdown takes place once a week, featuring top-tier players who have proven their mettle in daily events.

  3. Ranking System In the high-octane Nitro League racing universe, a player's badge serves as a prestigious emblem of their racing identity, reflecting their unparalleled achievements on the track. As racers accumulate RP points and advance through RP levels, they unlock coveted Rank badges, proudly showcasing their superior performance and dedication to the game.

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