Game Installation

Where and how to play the web app and download and install the android app for nitro league arcade

The game is available on android phones and desktop/PC browsers. For browsers, access this link For phones, the first step is to download.

How to download and install the game:

Step 1: Open your Desktop/PC browser or phone browser and hit the link:

It should open the above page, after which tap on the “Download App” button

Step 2: A file with the name “NitroLeague_Prod_V2.0.2” will start to download. If you’re using Desktop, transfer the file to your phone for a better user experience.

You may transfer the file to your phone by doing the following:

  • Attach the Phone to the computer using a USB cable.

  • Confirm on the phone to use a USB cable connection to transfer files.

  • Open the Device name on the PC and open the folder that has “NitroLeague_Prod_V2.0.2”

  • Copy and paste the file “NitroLeague_Prod_V2.0.2” from your computer’s folder to your phone’s recipient folder

  • Step 3: Now to install the Nitro League game from your phone go to “My files” Tap on the file, it will prompt you to install it. Tap on “install” and install the app

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