Arcade Beta Launch V2.0.2

Android Phones/Tablets: Web (desktop and PC only):

  1. Tutorial We now have a first time tutorial for all new users and those who haven’t played before. It’ll take you through the arcade and show you how to join races.

  2. Free assets For the first time you login in the tutorial you’ll get to choose your new car and driver from a choice of 3 and get some free fuel!

  3. Events and Races You can now join races in events you are eligible for and earn rewards! We have races of different rarities and each come with their own event requirements. You can participate in races and watch them. Our races are all about management. Choose the best car, driver and power up cards according to the race track and weather conditions.

  4. Leaderboards View race and event leaderboard and know where you and others stand. You can also see the rewards they earn! We have a region wise leaderboard specific to the player's region as well.

  5. Blueprint Rewards We’re dropping blueprints. By using them, you can build a new car, driver, car component, and driver accessory! You only have to pay the minting cost after you've collected all of them and BOOM! You have your new NFT.

  6. Claims Portal Once you have enough blueprints to make an asset. You can head over on the claims portal, which is on the web to mint your new NFT asset! It could be a car, driver, car component or a driver accessory!

  7. Guild Tournaments If you’re a part of a guild, you can participate in special guild events known as guild tournaments. They promise special rewards and no one else except the selected guilds can participate in them!

  8. Consumables You can now buy energy, fuel and power up cards using credits you earn as rewards!

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