Login via Virtua

If you have an existing Virtua account you can add in your username and password and get started.

In case you don’t, this is how you will create an account:

  • Step 1: Access Virtua from this link on either your desktop or phone: https://virtua.com/register

  • Step 2:

    • Enter; First Name, Last Name, Username, and Email Address.

    • Click on Sign Me Up to continue to the next page where you are prompted to set a password.

  • Step 3:

    • Once the password is set and selected, select your region and select ‘create account’, this will take you to Avatar selection.

    • Select your desired vFlect avatar and click on ‘create account’.

  • Step 4:

    • You’ll be asked to verify your account by clicking a link sent in an email in your inbox.

    • After clicking the link to verify, you’ll be redirected to log in.

Note: For joining races you will need to log in using MetaMask as you get registered by your wallet address.

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