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Key Features of The Garage Experience

Key Features of the Nitro Garage

Welcome to your personalized space in Nitro League - the Garage! Here, you can access various features that will take your gameplay to the next level.

  • Car Customizations: One of the most exciting features is Car Customization. With the Garage, players can install car components and personalize their rides to suit their style and gain a competitive edge.

  • Garage Customization: Players can also customize their Garage space using purchasable vanity items like sofas, car pods, shelves, and workbenches. It's like having your own virtual workshop!

  • NFT Car Parking: If you're an NFT collector, you'll love the NFT Car Parking feature, where you can showcase your collections in the garage parking slots. You can own multiple NFT cars, and they are all storable in your inventory for easy access.

  • Inventory: The Garage lets you manage all your in-game assets in one place. From car parts to fuel and cars, you can view all your assets via the menu whether they are NFTs or in-game items.

  • NFT Asset Display: If you want to showcase your rewards and assets, the NFT Asset Display feature is the perfect decorative space to do so. It's like having your own personal legacy board in the game!

  • Player Profile : Navigate your way to your racer profile to view your stats, See your rank and upgrade rank badges, access your in-game screenshots and add in another wallet.

It's an all-in-one hub that makes managing your Nitro League experience easier and more enjoyable.

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