Arcade V2.0.3

Download Link: (For Android Phones) Web App:

  1. Car component - Spoiler Spoiler stats previously showing up incorrectly are now updated and can be installed on cars.

  2. Car component - Booster Kit Now added booster kits. Users can now add booster kits to their cars and race.

  3. Race times and leaderboards Race times and leaderboards made more accurate and mismatch issues cleared

  4. UI Update Free car and free driver UI updated to make it more clearer in terms of stats

  5. Bug fix - Energy not being added from inventory to cars in car selection Bug is now fixed. Energy can be added.

  6. Bug fix - Multiple same assets not showing in game If you have 3 brakes of the same name they will now show up in the game as 3 assets

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