🏁Multiplayer Races

It’s time to dominate other racers. Multiplayer has arrived!

In Nitro League, we know that friends & communities make everything better. You can invite your coolest pals to join you on the tracks. You may head over to your profile and choose the Team you want to represent.

There are 3 game modes for Multiplayer racing,

Quick Race: This mode lets you race again any online player. Once 2 to 4 players have joined, the race can be started. The race rewards +25 RP to the winner and -10 RP to the loser. Based on the position you finish up with, players are rewarded Credits, Fuel, XP points, and occasionally Blueprints. The more you play, the more RP points you earn. The cumulative RP points are used to rank players on the Quick Race leaderboard.

Race with Friends: This mode lets you race with your friends. Player-1 will create a race and will get a race-code that they can share with 3 other friends. The invited friends can join the race using the race-code shared by Player-1. Once all players are ready, Player-1 can start the race!

Special Events: Nitro League hosts multiplayer tournaments frequently, which are announced on our social media channels. Tournaments last a week, and "Special Events" game mode is only available during the tournament week. If you are representing a Team, then you will get to race with the branded team car (which is definitely better than the Free cars). Players earn RP points by winning as many races as possible and at the end of the tournament, top players on the leaderboard get exclusive rewards and NFTs.

Nitro League takes you on a racing adventure like no other our tracks are designed to keep you on the edge of your seat! Adapt to the ever-changing weather and track types and prove yourself as the ultimate track conqueror!

Leave your opponents in the dust with an array of boosts that will push your speedometer to its limits. But remember, timing is everything. Use your boosts strategically to stay ahead of the competition and claim the checkered flag!

In Nitro League, it's all about bragging rights! Compete in exhilarating multiplayer races against your friends and show them who the true racing champion is. Earn RP points, climb the leaderboards, and unlock exclusive rewards. Every victory brings you one step closer to becoming the stuff of legends. So, buckle up, rev those engines, and get ready to dominate the Nitro League!

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