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Race Preparation

After you have explored the event detail screen you can go ahead and join a race if you check all the event requirements.
Step 1: To join a race, tap on the green join button in front of the race. There will be some that are joined, at their full capacity (shown as Booked in front of the race), canceled, or live that you cannot join.
Step 2: Once you tap on join, you will be able to see a race preparation screen. This is where you will go in and select your car, car components, driver band, and driver components for the race.
  • Tapping on ‘select car’ will take you to the car pod menu in the garage.
  • There you can select your car.
  • Then tapping on upgrades will open the car components selection on the right.
  • You can select and choose any components you already have in your inventory and install them.
Step 3:
  • Now you can tap on drivers.
  • This will take you to the driver selection screen.
  • From here you can tap to select your drivers from the list.
  • Then you can tap on upgrades to add driver components to your drivers.
  • Then you can tap to confirm your selection.
Once you're done, tap on select and you will go back to the race selection screen and you can see your selected car.
Step 4: Now that you have your car and driver selected. You can tap on lock and race to confirm your selection for the race. When you tap on lock and race your car and driver will be locked and cannot be changed. A pop-up will be shown when you tap on lock and race to confirm.
When you tap on it to confirm your car and driver will be locked.