The Hitoshika civilization

What is Hitoshika?

Hitoshika, a volcanic city, boasts Japanese-inspired culture and architecture. Its advanced technology seamlessly integrates unique japan inspired aesthetics, despite the hot and challenging weather, elevating it to unprecedented levels of sophistication. The city is imbued with intrigue and fascination.

The People of Hitoshika

The Hitoshikans, native to Hitoshika, are digital technology experts who have mastered digital technology to create vehicles capable of enduring the extreme and inhospitable conditions of volcanic and hot weather. Their proficiency in design is inspired by Japanese culture, elevating their creations to new levels of sophistication.


Keep an eye out for these adept drivers, identifiable by their unique military-inspired attire and stylized hairdos. Their exceptional handling abilities enable them to navigate with ease through the scorching and rugged volcanic terrain, establishing them as a powerful and imposing presence that should not be underestimated.

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