What blueprints do, how to get them and how to mint your own NFT from a blueprint

What is a Blueprint?

Blueprints are used to craft (or build) cars and upgrades in the game. Players get rewarded blueprints in the game for various activities. Once the required amount of blueprints are collected, they can be used for crafting cars and upgrades of varying rarities. Once an item is crafted using blueprints, it is playable in the game. If a player wants to own this item forever, they can optionally mint on-chain using our claim's portal.

Where can I get them from?

As you progress through the races and missions, keep an eye out for the awesome blueprints that await you as rewards. These blueprints are not available for purchase from the developer/treasury, so you'll have to earn them by playing the game.

With each blueprint being randomly awarded, you'll never know what you'll get next, adding an element of surprise and excitement to your gameplay. So get your game on and start collecting those blueprints!

How do I Craft/Build an Item from Blueprints?

Once you've collected all the blueprints for an asset, you'll have to check out the claim criteria from the Blueprints tab in the game!

Once you fulfill that criteria, you may "Build" the item and it will be transferred to your inventory. Crafted (or built) items are playable in the game.

Steps to Mint Crafted Items as NFTs

  1. Visit the claims portal using your PC/Laptop

  2. Login and select your asset

  3. Make sure you have Main Net Ethereum or Main Net Polygon selected on your Meta mask and in Wallet

  4. Mint it! You will need some of our $NITRO token to mint, plus the network gas fees.

  5. Wait for a bit and see your asset in the game ready to burn the tracks 👏

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