Garage V1.0.0

Release notes for the Initial Garage Launch

  1. Login via Virtua Enter your virtua username and password to login to the Nitro League game. If you donโ€™t have a virtua account, register and then login.

  2. Garage The main garage with sub-menus, interactable assets and the functionality to display your assets.

  3. Car Pod Here you can view and display any one of the cars that you own.

  4. Work Bench The workbench is a place where you can look at car parts such as tires for now and rotate to view them.

  5. Rewards Shelf Display your car parts here and make your garage fancy.

  6. Robot Hut A hut in the garage with a designated Pit Pal. More functionality coming soon!

  7. Car Showcase A parking lot for all the cars you own. You can park your cars here for decorative purposes.

  8. Loot box An 8 hour resetting reward box. You can earn credits, XP and fuel from here.

  9. Shop A shop that shows you cars and tires available. Tapping on any one of the assets will open up the asset on virtua and if youโ€™re logged in and have your wallet linked you can purchase Nitro League assets from there.

  10. User Profile The user profile will show you your details like xp, credits, username with an option to edit username, garage gallery and the button to log out.

  11. Daily Rewards Daily rewards can be claimed daily. To earn them day by day you need to maintain your streak. You can win XP, credits and many more each day.

  12. Walk in Garage In the garage menu you can tap the walk in garage to walk around and view the garage in 3D first person perspective

    1. Garage Gallery Once youโ€™re in the walk in garage you can take pictures in-game with the camera button. These will also be visible in your garage.

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