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Events and Races

Step 1: Once you have claimed your car, driver, and free fuel. You can now tap on the race button on the main garage screen.
Step 2: Tapping on races will take you to the event screen. Here you can see different events and their updated statuses.
Step 3: Tap on any available event and it will take you to that event’s detail screen as shown below
After finishing races or a race, you can view all races you have participated in from the “My races” tab. Here you will be shown the following screen.
Step 4: Once you’re in the events detail screen you will be able to see how the track conditions are in this event, the event requirements/joining criteria, and races you can join with their updated status shown.
Step 5: Under the event requirements header you can see if you are eligible to join this race or not. To participate in the above event you would need: 2 Credits 2 XP 2 Fuel 1 Uncommon car
For a more detailed view of this screen tap on the red question mark in front of the requirements to open a pop-up. The tick mark indicates that you have the necessary; Credits, RP, and Fuel but no uncommon car.
Step 6: You can find the Track conditions on the left side of the screen. These are important since your selection will be driven by them.
In track conditions, you will find the following information:
Weather (denoted by an icon) A top view image of the track The track material/road type The event pressure associated with the event (It influences your driver and his performance, the higher the pressure the more likely your driver is to underperform)
Step 7: Tapping on the Rewards button will show a popup with 2 tabs. It will show you what you can potentially earn as event and race rewards.
Step 8: Tapping on the leaderboard button will show you the leaderboard of the event. Here you can have a look at the users from the top to the lowest rank in an event and their average race times.