Production Factories
Production factories allow players to shape the Nitro League world. Factories will be owned by players (or guilds) to produce their own NFT assets (cars, props, land, properties).
Production factories are a crucial component of the Nitro League economy as they let players produce their own NFT assets (cars, props, land, properties).
There will be a total of 200 factory plots and users can acquire them by spending NITRO tokens or lease the factory from game developers by staking NITRO tokens or direct payment.
The collection of production tokens to produce units of assets in the factory. Landowners that complete certain tasks are rewarded with production tokens.
  • Earn transaction fees: Fees from transactions in the ecosystem.
  • Earn from NFT Drops: Proceeds from the initial sale of assets and properties.
  • Ads & Sponsorships: Creating spaces, properties, and land for renting out advertising spaces and assets to brands.
  • Yearly earning from the treasury: A percentage of funds in the treasury is distributed back to the factory owners every year.
  • Transportation fees: A portion of the earnings from teleportation/transportation services goes to factory owners.
  • Cloning & Breeding fees: A fee for cloning cars that use the factory's cars.
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