About Nitro Prime
Nitro Prime is a hyper-realistic, 3D, game paradise. Famous for the intergalactic hyper-racing event, Nitro League. You will find; islands, cities, vast landscapes, each one unique and diverse.
Nitro Prime is the main planet in the Nitro League Metaverse that hosts all racing events and land that players can own, rent out, explore and race on to build up their reputation in the games. Anything is possible on Nitro Prime – buying prime virtual real estate, building and renting you land out or socialising in the designated lounges. It’s a hyper-realistic and immersive world of great ancient and modern tech built for hyper-speed races.
Nitro Prime presents several earning opportunities for brands and land owners in the Nitro League Metaverse.
Users can earn by:
  • Buying land and renting out or selling it or the buildings they have built on their plot
  • Manufacturing and selling cars
  • Advertising and bringing more customers to brands
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